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Singapore Accounting Software offers the best payroll software in Singapore such as Sage_Ubs, EZ payroll, MYOB payroll & Quickbooks. Such accounting and  software are necessary to streamline your enterprise’s operating procedures. By automating the payroll process, not only will you be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company, you’ll also receive in-depth tracking and analysis reports, allowing you track every cent of your employees’ wages, understand tax implications as well as gain detailed analysis of your company’s payroll.

At Singapore Accounting Software, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals are dedicated to your satisfaction by providing the best payroll software Singapore usage. We customize and perfect your system specifically to cater to your needs in order to integrate your system with your business as smoothly and quickly as possible. Not only do we provide the highest quality service, we also offer competitive prices as well as the most comprehensive range of payroll software Singapore has available That makes us the one-stop solution for all your payroll software needs.

Some of our well versed software expertise would be Sage_Ubs Payroll or EZ Payrolls.

Below are a list of concerns a buyer should consider:

    • The number of users accessing the system for Payroll Issuing/CPF Viewing or other reports
    • The strength of the internet connection available, whether LAN/Wireless or web based
    • Easily accessible Help file for convenience
    • Multi Project Reporting function
    • Availability of detailed CPF Reporting and other functions
    • Availability of tabulation functions for CPF Rates and more
    • Maximum capped income for employees
    • Potential limit to the number of companies/users
    • Dimensional Reporting and accessible Real Time Reporting functions
    • Compatibility of the database engine
        The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) require itemized payslips compulsory by April 2016 Thus, purchasing a payroll computerized system will assist to provide computerized payslip to all employees.

In additional, CPF and IR8A form can be directly generated form our payroll system and upload on to the CPF and IRAS websites directly without computation manaually. Companies can also tap on various government grant such as PIC or ICV worth $5000 (terms apply subject to approval).

Payslip Format Sample:

payroll software singapore

By April 20146, every company in Singapore must give staff payslip compulsory in itemised payslip format. With the use payroll software in Singapore, you can simply input data of employees into payroll software and it will auto computes the OT rate based on what your had input earlier on for each staff different pay grade computation. Payroll software can help you to cut down time spend to manually compute salary which is very time consuming without using any one of the  Singapore payroll softwares. Once data is input to payroll software, some of our payroll software will auto link to accounting software thus you do not need to key into accounting software which will be more efficiency.

Call us now at + 65-6746 2613 or + 65-6227 1797. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team can tailor our services to best suit you.

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