Accounting Software – How To Use Sage_Ubs Accounting Software?

Having headache how to kick start using Sage_Ubs Accounting software? Well we will get your started in 30 mins after viewing our video on top and a short 6 steps below:

Step 1 – Know the structure of the company work flow and define the chart of account set up such as what account code to use and grouping of account codes

Step 2 – Preview chart of account make sure all are in order tally with the account type such as if it’s profit and loss account or balance sheet item

Step 3 – Create batch of accounts such as sales batch or bank batch to keep your books of transaction in order

Steps 4 – At transaction file maintenance, CLICK Quick entry and input your accounts transaction and if you had trouble do call our hotline at +65 6227 1797 / 6746 2613 for assistance as such as
(e.g Credit sales $1000 and Debit Debtor code $1000)

Step 5 – Check at scan batch for any error if any entries does not tally and double click to change

Step 6 – View all transaction at ledger listing and all other reports

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