Accounts Payable & Receivable Application
  • April 25, 2018
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Singapore Accounting Software performs both the accounts payable and receivable functions. It produces detailed analysis reports like Customer Account Receivables Analysis Report, Sales Analysis Report, Bank Reconciliation Report etc can be auto-generated and gets updated automatically after any data inputs and adjustments giving a real-time view of the business and financial status. The daily use reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Report, Trial Balance, and Cash Analysis Report are also available in the application.

Accounts Payable

Track obligations to suppliers, control cash flow, and speed data entry with the accounting applications in Accounts Payable. Produce a wide array of pre-designed reports, and take advantage of the flexibility to pay all invoices, prepay selected vendors, or split invoices for payment.

With Accounts Payable helping you prioritize your payments, you can:

Save time and money with the ability to review outstanding payments by the vendor and select which payments to hold or release.

Improve your efficiency with quick entry and defaults on headers.

Handle your expenses efficiently and keep your accounts up to date with user-defined terms, aging periods, and cutoff dates.

Assess your financial position by producing timely reports.

Accounts Receivable

Manage your cash, know your customers, and analyze performance and trends with Accounts Receivable.

With Accounts Receivable’s flexible cash flow management options, you will:

Produce timely reports to identify your best customers and stay on top of sales patterns.

Track every aspect of your sales and receivables in a timely manner, improve the inflow of cash, and make the most of sales trends.

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