Favours of Accounting Software using in Small Business
  • July 5, 2017
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Favours of Accounting Software using in Small Business

The Accounting software is used by more than five million users around the world to streamline time tracking and invoicing. The vendor has recently updated the product to allow easy collaboration between team members and has added a redesigned dashboard where you can prioritize tasks and manage payments. The classic features have not changed and Singapore Accounting software continues to offer top rate invoice-to-payment functionalities, including direct payment gateways, overdue payment reminders, delay fees, and payment claims. You can use the system to collect payments easily and automate the recurring billing process to accept Google Checkouts, Amex, PayPal, and credit card payments.

We are able to see to your company operation and advise on which brand or functions suits you the most. Government grant are available too.  You can get 60% cash payout under PIC scheme should you buy our range of accounting software claimable via Productivity and Innovation Scheme (subject to approval terms apply).

Singapore Accounting software has not neglected any utility and companies can use it to manage invoices as well as expenses. You can easily generate insightful tax summaries and reports after the data is processed. The vendor also offers a handy mobile app, the system seamlessly integrates with other business apps, and you can rely on the support of knowledgeable and experienced agents if you have any issues. The pricing is affordable for almost any budget and the vendor offers a convenient 30-day free trial to enable you to test drive the features before you plunk down your money.

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