Features About Payroll Services
  • May 12, 2017
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Features About Payroll Services

Payroll Software Singapore is very since April 2016 as its made compulsory to print itemised pay slip in Singapore. Payroll software such as EZ Payroll / Myob Payroll accounitng software / Sage-Ubs Payroll serve an important needs during month end when you need to submit CPF in Singapore online. Imagine you can do the submission within few minute using payroll software at a low cost to you, why not get one to to solve the hazard of manually doing it.

Integrates seamlessly and instantly with Wave’s free, award-winning accounting, invoicing and receipt scanning software

Priority customer support, direct from Wave headquarters

Payroll accounting software reminders in your inbox

Great for seasonal businesses; put employees on hold any time at no charge

Easy to understand tax liabilities

Payroll in the cloud: Pay your employees from anywhere

Direct deposit included

Secure collaboration with your bookkeeper, partner or assistants

256-bit SSL encryption

Mobile app for iPhone

Data is backed up automatically for peace of mind

Guaranteed accurate

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If you want to benefit from the PSG Grant designed by the Singapore government but have no idea how to claim it, Visit IRAS & Visit BGP website. You will get complete assistance to claim the PSG Grant Singapore.