Features of Cloud Accounting Software
  • December 27, 2017
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Features of Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting

A cloud-based accounting system like Singapore Accounting Software is a real-time software, which means your data is always up-to-date. It offers a wide range of products including the MYOB Accounting, EZ Accounting, Quickbooks and Sage_Ubs Software. You can connect from the office, at home or no more be tied to your desktop!

Features of Singapore Accounting Software

Once you reach a point where your business is looking to outsource specific tasks, using cloud accounting can help scale in a cost-effective and controlled manner. Singapore Accounting Software has everything you need.

The features available in cloud-based accounting software to protect your information are:

  • Facilitates easy navigation to all features of the program
  • Calculates earning, detection and liabilities for all payroll frequencies
  • Supports multiple bank accounts
  • Facilitates unique User IDs and passwords
  • Enables entry from multiple locations
  • Facilitates varied levels of data access to users
  • Capacity to process advance payments
  • Flexible work schemes
  • Helps in calculating unrealized loss/gain
  • Monitors data through audit trails

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