Good knowledge in computerised accounting software is one of the most important tools to equipped with for looking for an accounting job as your career path. With the raise for the needs of an accountant in a company, it is also the demands of any employer to make sure their selected accountant to be well equipped with knowledge of accounting software Singapore so that to generate on time reporting anytime the bosses demanded. But what else can we justify the brilliancy of equipped with good  knowledge in computerised accounting software helps in your career?


For one, being a accountant is a stable job in anywhere part of the world. Even in an all changing economy, from rescission to boom, businesses would always need an accountant with good knowledge in computerised accounting software to close their year end accounts for submission to tax reporting to Singapore IRAS. Accounting is the language any businesses use to communicate with various stakeholders. Thus owing a Singapore accounting software is a must for each businesses.


There are a lot of fields within the accountancy profession. You can choose to be specialize  in tax, business law, auditor, or just an accounting officer. You can even earn a living from writing blogs of accounting theory or even in books. Because of the vast number of people whom wants to study accounting, one must never lack of putting their accounting theory into computerise accounting so as to achieve not only well versed in accounting theory but also good in producing instant reporting for management to review using a real time accounting software.

Freelance Accountant An Extra Income

If you think you won’t want to work for an accounting firm, with the knowledge of accounting software you can be a freelance accountant and have flexible timing to your own but still earning a stable income. Just be sure that you have enough knowledge and skill to show your employer that you can anytime generate statement of account or cash flow using an accounting software as that is a must for any employer. There are a lot of companies looking for freelance accountants who knows accounting software to run their business daily operations transactions and accounting for them. An accounting software in Singapore is affordable for any freelance accountants as you can claim under PIC scheme for any business owners.

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