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  • February 11, 2017
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Important Benefits of UBS Accounting Software

Greater speed of input

Manual accounting systems can be painfully slow. MYOB Accounting software automates many manual accounting processes that waste valuable time and money.

Oftentimes, manual accounting systems require multiple entries of the same information. MYOB syncs information and reduces time-consuming processes by automating credit notes, purchase orders, payroll and more.

In addition, business analysis becomes painless. Reports – including Statement of Cash flows, Profit and Loss statements and more – are seamlessly produced to assist with managing, monitoring and controlling the business. Instead of waiting for different teams to collect and collate information, users generate extensive reports with a few clicks of the mouse.

This allows organisations to predict events like cash flow problems or periods of growth, helping them plan for the future with confidence.

MYOB Software  automates these manual processes, reducing the room for human error. Furthermore, there are built in controls designed to detect and remove duplicate entries and redundancy errors.

Additionally, MYOB ensures content updates occur in real time, so employees are always working with the latest information. For example, updated accounting records are instantly reflected in account balances in customer accounts.

This enables accurate representations of the organisations financial position at all times, helping to achieve genuine financial stability and security.

Reduced costs

Hardware, operating systems and accounting fees can quickly exhaust a solid budget. MYOB software  cloud offering reduces financial and operational expenditure.

When organisations use MYOB’s cloud offering, instead of needing upfront capital, organisations pay a monthly fee. This eliminates the ongoing costs of maintenance, updates, and backups. Additionally, server failures, hardware upgrades and other technical issues are no longer the company’s problem. According to CCH, 32% of Australian SMEs turn to cloud computing to avoid paying for infrastructure.

MYOB Software  provides enterprise-grade tools to not only reduce expenditure on assets, but also operational costs, giving organisations the opportunity to enhance their productivity.

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