• March 8, 2016
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Inventory softwares are an important aspect of inventory management, especially when the company handles a big load of outgoing and incoming stocks regardless of the business industry. A inventory is one of the most valuable asset of the company and a mismanagement of it may cause significant problems for the business. This may be the reason why nowadays, many organisations use inventory as well as billing softwares to manage their existing asset.

Here at Singapore Accounting Software, we offer the most up to date inventory softwares from EZ accounting software to the latest MYOB accounting software in Singapore. So what does the inventory software does?

The inventory softwares track every item including its expiry date and a comprehensive database of the variables, etc. They also have a easily accessible help file, multi warehouse management reporting and even functions such as project costing of stocks. Inventory software often comes hand in hand with billing and at times, having two software may not be as easy to manage as one. With the EZ billing and inventory management software that we provide, both can work hand in hand within a package, building efficiency and reducing business costs.

This software holds powerful tools and functions like:

  • Different level of data access security where the management can block and prevent user from accessing confidential data such as the costing of each items
  • Real time update of the stocks to ensure the real time update of the status and also to pre empt the management to replenish stocks that are running low.
  • Multi-currency transactions where users are able to print out invoices and all billing in multi currency which helps in producing home currency report to foreign currency to ensure that all gains and losses are recorded within the database.

There are many more functions that the EZ inventory and billing software can offer and under the professional experience of our team, we are able to cater to each of your needs according to your existing business operations or process.

Having a one stop solution for both inventory and billing is advantageous in a way where profits can be protected as inaccurate and ill-detailed inventory trackings are prevented. Simply contact us today for a affordable inventory and billing management and build for the future of your business operations!

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