Payroll Software Singapore
  • March 11, 2016
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Payroll Software Singapore

As one of the recognized accounting software providers in Singapore, we have provided a myriad of brands for clients to ease the burden of accounting processes, which includes the pay roll accounting process provided by Singapore Accounting Software.

Being a fast paced work society, we understand the needs of our clients which is why we provide some of the best payroll softwares in Singapore. Ranging from Sage Ubs payroll software, EZ payroll to MYOB payroll and QuickBooks, they are a one stop solution for your payroll  accounting needs.

These softwares automate the payroll process including in-depth tracking analysis reports to track employees’ wages, streamline pay processes, CPF calculations and more in which companies can use to improve the efficiency of business operations. As of April 2016, the Ministry of Manpower will require compulsory itemised pay slips and with the softwares that they provide, users can simply input data of employees in the software and each pay grades will be generated depending on the given information.

In addition, CPF IR8A forms can be directly generated from our finance framework and transfer on to the CPF and IRAS sites straightforwardly without calculation manually. Organizations can likewise tap on different government grants, for example, PIC or ICV worth $5000, subjected to terms and conditions.

With the use of such payroll software in Singapore, you can essentially key in information of representatives into the software and it will auto registers the OT rate in light of what was included before on for every staff’s distinctive pay grade calculation. Singapore accounting software can offer you to cut down time in regards to physically inputting pay which is exceptionally tedious without utilizing any of the payroll softwares provided by our team at Singapore Accounting Software.

With just a simple payroll software, employers can do away with the frustrations that always come with pay day. Here with our experienced team, affordable accounting solutions are provided. Upon understanding of each client’s needs, we provides catered solutions according to your business needs so that the accounting softwares can help in streamlining the internal process for your company.

If you want to benefit from the PSG Grant designed by the Singapore government but have no idea how to claim it, Visit IRAS & Visit BGP website. You will get complete assistance to claim the PSG Grant Singapore.