how to choose accounting software for sme
  • August 31, 2016
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Payroll is the summed-up financial records of all the salaries of employees including wages, deductions, and bonuses. It used to be that people who are in charge of payroll make use of the lowly and cumbersome calculator to come up with it.

As the Internet came into the picture and technological advances came with it, the payroll software came into being. Thanks to it, it’s now easier to understand and deal with complicated payroll legislation a.k.a. taxes and payroll system operations which can be called payroll.

It’s the payroll software that enables automated calculation of a worker’s salary wage based on hours worked at a set hourly pay rate or an agreed periodical rate. This software also automates the application of payroll legislation allowing for the required tax deductions and calculating the right net pay which will be given to the worker as cash, check, or credit transfer.

Employers are also required by law to remit PAYE, national pension and insurance, and also an attachment order deduction toward the relevant HRMC, court or pension provider on time.

A payroll software is useful in the area of credit management and financial reports that detail the payroll costs for every employee or every department of the company. The same software is also able to track, sort, and compile all personnel records which aids the HR in its functions.

The payroll reports the software produces are also relevant for financial planning and budgeting not to mention business forecasting by determining the payroll costs and investments needed for the future of the business. These are the reports that will serve as basis for business restructuring if need be which can result in reducing the number of employees at times.

One major advantage in the use of payroll software is the reduced amount of time spent in the whole payroll process. The following features are the reasons why payroll software can efficiently function in processing payroll: time import from clock-in systems, credit transfer files, automated creation of pay slip, online banking capability, and HMRC returns/submissions.

It helps the company save costs from hiring personnel to handle payroll, and training costs is also not necessary. Most payroll software options are user-friendly. It’s important that you know what to look for in a payroll software such as electronic filing capability, costs and updates, and that also includes customer service and maintenance contracts.

You need to give yourself time to research on certain features that your business needs for its own processes. That’s the best way to go about it.

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