Types of Accounting Software – Singapore Accounting Software
  • May 12, 2017
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Types of Accounting Software – Singapore Accounting Software

Payroll Accounting Software

Singapore Accounting Software offers the best payroll software in Singapore such as Sage_Ubs, EZ payroll, MYOB payroll accounting software. Such accounting and  software are necessary to streamline your enterprise’s operating procedures. By automating the payroll process, not only will you be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company, you’ll also receive in-depth tracking and analysis reports, allowing you track every cent of your employees’ wages, understand tax implications as well as gain detailed analysis of your company’s payroll.

Inventory Accounting

Singapore Accounting Software is able to offer you the foremost inventory software/ Billing Software Singapore. Modern stock is dynamic, changing, full of unique properties that mean inaccurate, ill-detailed inventory tracking is not just inefficient but costly. Protect your profits and reduce costs by having us to deliver your billing and inventory software. We offer the best solutions, from EZ accounting software, to the latest MYOB accounting software in Singapore. Our solutions can track every item, realise each expiry date and comprehend a multitude of sizes, variables and differentials. Match this to your billing software, meaning that transactions are tracked with consistency and coherence, providing even firmer structure to your operations. With our solutions you have levels of control hitherto unrealised, accessing your business with the detail you desire.

Industry-specific Accounting

Accounting systems also include industry-specific applications. A retail accounting system, for example, has different requirements than in other industries. Sales are captured at the point of sale using computerized point-of-sale cash registers. When items go on sale, the retail accounting system must track and properly report on merchandise markdowns. Legal accounting software has other specific requirements as well, including the tracking of time spent by attorneys, dollar amount of time billed out based on an hourly rate and the utilization rate of each attorney. Utilization rate is the percent of a person’s time spent that is billable as opposed to administrative.

Inventory software / Billing Software Singapore such as EZ Accounting and inventory software or Myob Accounting and inventory software are design in such a way its so easy to write with all fields done up such as customer field, address full  and even items details. Billing Software Singapore allow users to input quickly and accurately.

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