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  • February 11, 2017
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What are the Challenges in MYOB Software

Cloud-based accounting systems are paving the way for greater efficiency in your organisation. Instead of purchasing expensive, high-maintenance IT infrastructure, organisations access their accounting software via the internet, for a monthly fee. This allows them to offload IT hassles and concentrate their financial and operational resources on their core business.

Twelve percent of Australian small businesses have made the leap to cloud accounting software. These organisations have a clear advantage over those still muddling through reams of paperwork.


MYOB’s cloud offering is currently used by over one million small businesses in Australia and New Zealand. This accounting software helps organisations efficiently manage cash flow, payroll and day-to-day bookwork.

MYOB’s cloud accounting system can dramatically reduce time wasted on manual processes, which cause bottlenecking and inaccuracies. Organisations using MYOB end up saving a great deal of time and money, especially since there’s no need for upfront capital expenditure on computing resources.

What are the benefits of MYOB SOFTWARE?

Anytime, anywhere access

Cloud accounting gives employees the ability to work on organisational content from anywhere, using any device. This eliminates productivity roadblocks when travelling, while onsite with a client or at home.

Anytime, anywhere access can extend a workforce’s productivity remarkably, reducing employee stress and strengthening an organisation.

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