What is EZ Accounting?

Our EZ Accounting Software helps business administrators to monitor an organisation’s total document output costs. You can install this software into any administrative computer, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated accounting server on the network. This software is easy to use and your organisation’s workflow remains unaffected even after the system is in place.

While many accounting software are complex and designed for large corporate environments, EZ is affordable and designed for ease of use. This economical solution helps businesses to perform reporting, tracking and billing tasks speedily and easily. With EZ accounting software, you will also be able to measure document costs with accuracy, compile data into detailed reports and perform accurate chargebacks.

We understand that controlling cost is essential for businesses to maintain profitability. Document output expenses can be challenging as they are hidden and difficult to manage. We offer you EZ Accounting Software, which is available at competitive rates, thus giving you the maximum ROI.

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  • User code enables automated and cost-effective activity in order to effectively track for accounting, assessment and charge-backs
  • Facilitates tracking of printing and also scanning and outbound faxing activity for advanced reporting
  • Helps in differentiating between colour pages and black and white pages in the same document, which will help administrators to obtain detailed reporting down to the page
  • Saves costs and time in bill-tracking and report generation
  • Eliminates conflicts amongst departments, users and customers over billing and output quantity


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