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  • March 9, 2017
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Virtues of MYOB Accounting Software

A key point of difference with MYOB Account software Right is you have the freedom to switch between doing transactions offline or online (i.e. through the cloud) whenever you wish.

The MYOB Account Right software comes in all shapes, sizes & prices. Most organisations start with Singapore software Account  Standard but if you are an employer and need Payroll then you can move to Singapore software Account Plus which includes both accounting and integrated payroll. The MYOB  Singapore software Account range has the same look and feel meaning once you are confident with one version, you can transfer that knowledge to another.

You can buy Singapore accounting software with a one-time charge or take a monthly subscription to smooth out the cost. See the chart below to see which version best fits your business.

By April 20146, every company in Singapore must give staff payslip compulsory in itemised payslip format. With the use payroll software in Singapore, you can simply input data of employees into payroll software and it will auto computes the OT rate based on what your had input earlier on for each staff different pay grade computation. Payroll software can help you to cut down time spend to manually compute salary which is very time consuming without using any one of the  Singapore payroll softwares. Once data is input to payroll software, some of our payroll software will auto link to accounting software thus you do not need to key into accounting software which will be more efficiency.

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